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Centrifugal and progressive cavity pumps

Spare parts for most commonly used pumps in the paper mill. They are guaranteed respecting the dimensions and the material of the original spare part. In order to process your requests quickly and efficiently, it is sufficient to inform us on the original manufacturer, the relative model and the identification codes of the desired parts (item code or part number), which are readily available in the pump manuals.

Baskets for reject screw presses

Highly perforated and slotted baskets of “wedge wire” type, inexpensive and guaranteed in compliance with the dimensions and in the original material for all the waste presses produced by the manufacturers most commonly used in the paper mill. They are also made on model or drawing.

The construction of wedge wire filter elements ensures:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Better filtration

Baskets for starch filters, fillers, coating color and for other chemical products

Made of stainless steel and available for all filters of the most famous used in the paper mill or by drawing or model. Supply of repair kits to improve the performance of the original filter.

Rotors, impellers, perforated plates and reconditioning

Wide range of rotors, impellers and perforated plates for:

  • Low and high consistency pulpers compatible with those of the main manufacturers.
  • Cleaning modules (pulper detrasher), compatible with those of the main manufacturers.
  • By drawing or model
  • Performance improvement and reduction in energy consumption
  • Execution in electro-welded steel or casting. Use of anti-wear materials and treatments
  • Impellers for separators, screens, fractionators etc.
  • Perforated plates with stellite inserts
  • Reconditioning, refurbishment and / or supply of new pulping units.