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Centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps for stock and water. Cast iron and stainless steel version. Closed, open, special open, vortex and low-pulse impellers, different configurations for seals: packing, mechanical and dynamic. Double suction pumps (Fan pumps), with closed impeller with staggered vanes and low pulsation level.

Convex Pumps for hard applications

General features

Convex pumps are designed to market an advanced technology in hard to pump fields. In the applications where pumping by centrifugal, progressive cavity or other type of pumps involves high life cycle costs (LCC), Convex pumps are the right solution. The fluid to be pumped rotates inside the casing through an innovative impeller which, thanks to its design unique and to fluid viscosity, generates a powerful vortex. The open design of the impeller and the absence of close tolerances eliminates blockage and wear problems, produces a smooth pump operation, pulsation-free and without product damage. Several are the benefits of Convex compared to conventional pumps especially in the process of industries handling abrasive, viscous/delicate fluids, sludge, liquids with entrained air / gas, slurries with high solids content and shear sensitive materials. In these applications Convex pump cuts maintenance costs, reduces spare parts inventory, increases process efficiency and productivity with fast pay back.

Technical features

Model CXM: horizontal, close-couple
Model CXS: horizontal, with bearing frame
Design: “Back pull-out”
Seal: packing (DIN 3780)
Seal: mechanical single / double (DIN 24960)
Custom seals on specific applications
Flanges: DIN, PN 16
Lubrication: oil or grease

– casing: carbon steel or C8FM (AISI 316)
– impeller: AISI 316/17-4PH
– shaft: AISI 420

– anti-abrasive/anti
– acid linings
– other metallurgies

– reliability
– efficiency
– versatility
– sturdiness
– low NPSHr
– dry-running
– no pulsation
– gentle handling of products
– running with air \ gas
– wear resistant
– low maintenance
– long life of components
– low life cycle costs (LCC)
– low spare parts
– fast pay-back